Why I am Biased Toward Organic Skin Care Products.

2 thoughts on “Why I am Biased Toward Organic Skin Care Products.”

  1. Well, I don’t know anyone who thinks using natural deodorant is going to save the world. I just use it because I believe it to be unhealthy to inhibit sweating. Plus, the natural stuff doesn’t ruin your shirts. We are exposed to so many chemicals we don’t know about all the time, it would be impossible to get away from them all. However, why not avoid the ones you do know about if you can?Scott, I can appreciate your point that we should be more worried about bigger issues. Maybe if we could get China & Mexico (and everyone else!) to decrease their pollution in the first place, we wouldn’t have to worry about so many chemicals.On the other hand if more people start buying these natural alternatives, there will be more available and maybe it can decrease the level of chemical products being produced and therefore decrease the amount of waste produced from those chemicals…? Every little action makes a difference. It’s probably that kind of thinking (that small actions don’t make a difference) that got us to where we are.Report this comment as spam or abuse

  2. Using natural deodorant may not save the world, yet … but then again, it may be the thin end of the wedge in limiting chemicals in the body products you use. Consumers consistently choosing chemical free products sends a clear message to manufacturers, thereby decreasing the number of chemicals produced. It is a beginning. Don’t be tempted to point the pollution finger at China and Mexico before you take into account the number of chemicals produced by US and European companies.

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