Moisturisers with Sunscreen, Not as Effective as You May Think!

3 thoughts on “Moisturisers with Sunscreen, Not as Effective as You May Think!”

  1. Even if your moisturizer had all the protection talked about in this article, sunscreen is only effective within 2 hours of application. Why have my daily moisturizer with SPF – which I apply at 6am only to have it ineffective at 8am? Nobody applies daily moisturizer all day long. Thats crazy.

    My point is they products imply it will last all day.

  2. The chemicals that are the sun screen in most moisturisers actually cause more harm as they degenerate and damage the cell’s DNA when exposed to UV light! For most women who have in-door jobs, sun screen moisturisers are a waste of time and more often than not, create more problems than they solve.

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