Clear Skin Beauty Tips

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  1. Good tips!
    Aloe moisturizer is excellent, especially if you have oily skin like I do. It moisturizes without adding any greasiness to the skin. For people who do use makeup that isn’t 100% natural, you can use the powder primer called Mattify Powder underneath your foundation. It helps block the chemicals in the makeup from entering your blood stream. I found about this stuff from a company called Mattify Cosmetics at my local Natural Food co-op and it’s amazing! I used to have horrible reactions to regular drug store makeup, and even some high end makeup until I started using the Mattify powder underneath. Now, no more redness and irritation.

  2. Thanks Samantha for your comments, but I would be a little worried about a product that ‘blocks chemicals’ as this could also indicate it will block the pores, prevent the skin from breathing or eliminating toxins. It would be a better option to choose products that are certified organic and not have any chemical ingredients at all. Please take a closer look at my web site for skin care that will sooth the irritation and redness you suffer from. The powder may just be covering the problem, not solving it. 🙂

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